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Integrated Point of Sale Module

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 18, 2019 10:37:28 AM / by Bob Palloni posted in Tips and Tricks

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In every hotel there are at least two services hotels provide to their customers - one is to provide guests with a room for the night and the other is to sell them items they may need during their stay.  The items a guest may need could be a meal or beverage from the onsite restaurant, bar or café or it could be an incidental item sold from the lobby gift store making the guest’s stay more comfortable or enjoyable.  So, it is no wonder that smart hoteliers like Skyware Hospitality Systems Point-of Sale module is directly integrated into their Property Management system.

The Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs has 200 rooms, a grand ballroom, breakfast bar, and caters to guests from all over the country.  According to Shawna Rose, Director of Operations & Marketing, “Skyware provided us a solution that automates all our operations within just one system so we no longer require three separate software systems and have increased our efficiency dramatically.”  Now when a guest wants to purchase an item from the store, the sale will automatically show up on the guest’s folio along with the room charge.


For hotels with an on-site restaurant, Skyware’s Point-of-Sale module is the ideal solution.  Not only does the system have the required integration, but it also provides a highly intuitive and user configured cascading menu structure that minimizes the number of options an operator chooses.  For example, when a server enters a hamburger, the system automatically prompts the server for all of t

he desired extras including rare, medium, or well done, cheese, pickles onions, etc. before moving on to the next item.  Once the menu system is configured the way the hotel restaurant chooses, servers quickly master the use of the menu system and gain tremendous efficiencies and accuracy with each order.  According to Micky at Regalia Home Conference Center, “Using the Skyware Point-of-Sale System is one of the best things we ever did.  We are extremely happy with all that Skyware has provided.”

For those hotels that don’t have a

n on-site restaurant, Skyware Hospitality System’s Point-of-Sale module still offers additional value if the hotel has a general store or gift shop.  The same point-of-sale module can be delivered with the capability of a bar code scanner making the system easily adaptable to any place where physical items are sold.  At the Cherry Hill Park Campground, in College Park, Maryland, there are many hundreds, if not thousands of items, located in their general store.  These items are sold to hundreds of guests per day.  With over five registers in the store, Cherry Hill Park needed a solution that was easy to use, fully automated, and completed integrated to the property management system.  Skyware’s Point-of-Sale module fit the bill perfectly. 

So, whether your hotel has a full-service restaurant, gift shop, or general store, you will find exceptional value in Skyware’s integrated Point-of-Sale module.


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Age Verification System

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 9, 2019 9:57:27 AM / by Bob Palloni posted in Tips and Tricks

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Successfully Establish a Frequent Stay Program

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 23, 2019 1:47:47 PM / by Bob Palloni posted in Tips and Tricks

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Frequent stay programs offer hotels the opportunity to encourage repeat customers by providing them with rewards for their continual use of the business. Cornell University conducted a study on the economic impact of loyalty programs specific to independent hotels. They found that "the frequent guests became even more frequent after they joined the program, and the result was a 50-percent increase in revenue compared to those who did not join the program". Following these steps will help insure the long-term growth and stability of your frequent stay program. 

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Hotel Booking Secrets

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 28, 2015 9:01:29 AM / by Bob Palloni posted in Tips and Tricks

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Your hotel, your brand, your business is centered upon your customer so it is only natural that when your customer books a hotel reservation with you, the system is easy to use, quick and convenient.  Your hotel booking system should be simple and straight forward - even when the customer is practically asleep on his feet. If your clients can’t figure out how to check in, why would they stay? And when they walk out of your hotel, they may be walking right to one of your competitors.

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