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Hotel Reservation System Basics

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 7, 2015 8:11:50 AM / by Bob Palloni

Your hotel, your brand, your business is centered upon your customer so it is only natural that when your customer books a hotel reservation with you, the system is easy to use, quick and convenient.  Your hotel booking system should be simple and straight forward - even when the customer is practically asleep on his feet. If your clients can’t figure out how to check in, why would they stay? And when they walk out of your hotel, they may be walking right to one of your competitors.

Here are the basics you need to have for your Property Management System reservation booking.

  1. Initially just the factsroom facts - Streamline the page so it only shows what the customer needs to make a reservation – booking dates, type of room, pricing, promotion code or returning customer number, repeat. That’s it! That’s all you need. Have a nice picture or two of the rooms you’re offering to give it a warm, comfortable, and inviting feeling. Avoid unnecessary questions that ask for more information. It might sound like a good idea but it detracts from the main reason – booking a room and keeps the guest on the site longer than the guest would like. You can get more information for advertising or promotional emails later at the checkout when your guests are rested and ready to move on to their next destination.
  2. Confirm and then ask for more details – All ecommerce websites have a “call to action” and for a hotelier with an automated booking reservation system, your call-to-action is a “Book Now” button or “Continue to Billing” button. Here, you want to confirm the sale of the room and obtain more about how the customer will pay. Make sure that you see things through the eyes of your customer. Just because your system or setup is easy and makes sense to you doesn’t mean that your clients will see it that same way too. You have experience using your booking reservation system, your guest does not. Wherever possible make things simple, fast, and easy for both you and your guests.
  3. Make it look professional - Have a sleek look and finish to your customer-facing screens. Ad pop-ups or sidebar advertisements are not something your guest is interested in when they want to get into their room.
  4. Provide repeat customer’s information - Whenever possible, have an efficient way of displaying your customer’s information already available in your computer thereby ensuring your customer only has to confirm and/or correct the details. This tactic reassures your guest by acknowledging she is a returning guest. A very simple and effective way to promote this is to have a loyalty or rewards program. Customers signed up with your loyalty program have their information already in the system so check-in becomes a snap. Loyalty programs also give customers the opportunity to earn rewards with every stay at your business, which can keep them coming back.
  5. Thank them for their business – It may sound so simple but many reservation systems simply don’t do it. Thanking a person for their business and offering a personal note with an offer to “send the manager a note” again reassures the guest and makes a personal connection.

So, having a smooth, easy to understand hotel reservation system with a breezy check in process will leave you with happy guests willing and wanting to come back and stay again.  Skyware Hospitality Solutions provides innovative technology for the hospitality Industry.  Click here for more information.

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Bob Palloni

Written by Bob Palloni

Bob is the founder and COO of Skyware Hospitality Solutions and has over twenty years experience in the industry.

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